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Medication Shortages

As the year passes we frequently begin to hear that there are shortages of some medications. Within the last couple weeks I have heard that there are shortages of Adderall (aka dextroamphetamine/amphetamine) and Wellbutrin XL 150mg (aka bupropion hydrochloride).  If you are about to refill or have already tried to refill and had difficulties, there are a few options.

1) Your best chance of finding the medication is to call around, try the outskirt pharmacies rather than the ones in the heart of downtown.

2) Try a week or two in advance of when you will need it and pharmacies may or may not know when their next stock is coming so try often.

3) Or call your provider to talk about alternatives, we may have heard what pharmacy has some in stock. Or, as the problem worsens, we will be able to offer alternatives for the duration of the shortages.

Please contact your provider if you take either of these medications and have questions.

Thank you,

Heather Dietz, PA-C