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Foothills Psychiatry was founded in 1999 by the internationally known, Leslie Lundt, MD. The business was then incorporated in 2009 by current owners Heidi Ritchie-Lossmann, PsyNPC, MSN and Heather Dietz, PA-C.

Dr. Lundt started this business by creating a welcoming environment, allowing for a comfortable clinic experience for patients, healthcare providers and office staff. We are unique in that we are able to offer timely and flexible scheduling for new and established patients. We provide exceptional service and care, by offering appointments that are twice as long (30 minutes) as a typical (15 minutes) medication management appointments.  We also believe in the patients right to same day accessibility of the providers. To improve treatment success, we offer a wide range of options via well rounded providers, access to, and frequent collaboration with trusted referral sources.

Foothills Psychiatry, Incorporated strives to offer the best overall experience in patient evaluations and medication management by experienced psychiatric providers.

We Offer:

  • Foothills Psychiatry, Inc. is provider owned, has been in business since 1999 and is still growing
  • Longer patient appointments, which allows for truly individualized care
  • Guaranteed new patient appointments in one week or less
  • Appointment times outside office hours are available to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Access to both western medicine as well as a focus on overall wellness
  • Excellent and helpful office staff
  • A team approach to client care and collaboration with therapists, psychologists, physicians, dietitians and other important members of the patients healthcare team
  • Same day callbacks from a provider
  • On call access to a provider at anytime outside of office hours for emergencies
  • Access to trusted referral sources based on individual patient needs
  • Encouraged patient participation in their medication decisions and healthcare
  • No additional charges for prescription loss or expiration
  • No additional charge for unscheduled phone calls, of reasonable duration, with patients or other members of their healthcare team
  • Access to a patient library without additional fees
  • Support of other local businesses